Five Trends in interior design that will flourish in 2017

Every year the interior world is observing some changes that are dominating the interior design trends. The same is equally good for the year 2017 and as two months are gone we have observed certain trends that are going to overwhelm the designers this year. In this article we will discuss the five trends that will be largely seen across the interior designing sphere.

  1. Bright Colors will be in: This year the companies offering interior design services will be largely using the bright colors in place of the harmony and faded color pattern. Majority of the home interior design ideas will be based on the bright color patterns this year.  
  2. Foldable Walls and Sliders will be prominent: Latest trends in the home renovation design will be largely using the foldable rooms and the sliding walls. This will be mainly used for reducing the space crunch and giving the rooms spacious looks. This feature will also use the sliding walls on the outer part of the living spaces to make larger rooms.
  3. Leatherette and other surfaces will be used: The slippery and glossy surfaces will be replaced by the foxy and fur based surfaces that will be prepared by the materials like leatherette and resins. The majority of the covering will be made from such sort of tapestry based materials.
  4. Wall Decal and decorative Stickers will be used: the Company offering interior design services in Washington DC suggested that most of the walls will be either using the texture or the simple areas will be covered by the big size wall decals. Apart these the stickers will also be used for decorating the walls. The trends suggest that these will be largely coming from the imagery based on the natural items.   
  5. Increased use of Creative Textures: Along with this the use of texture will be dominating the interior design ideas this year. Most of the walls will be having the textured surface and the trends suggest that four walls in the room may have four different textures.   

These are the five latest trends that we will observe in the interior design works this year.


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